Elizabeth Leticia LewisAge: 29 years16871716

Elizabeth Leticia Lewis
Publication: This unique collection of records was extracted from a variety of sources including family group sheets and electronic databases. Originally, the information was derived;
Citation details: Source number: 23887.002; Source type: Pedigree chart; Number of Pages: 3
Birth 1687
MarriageJohn Abrams Martin ColView this family
February 27, 1700 (Age 13 years)
Citation details: Birth year: 1682; Birth city: King William Co; Birth state: VA
Birth of a son
George Martin
1704 (Age 17 years)
Citation details: Birth year: 1704; Birth city: King William; Birth state: VA
Publication: Godfrey Memorial Library. American Genealogical-Biographical Index. Middletown, CT, USA: Godfrey Memorial Library.Original data: Godfrey Memorial Library. American Genea;
Death 1716 (Age 29 years)