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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change Relationship Links
A Gene Cox
Alice Prudence “Prue” Cox
May 3, 1837182Columbus, NC1May 3, 191510478Bug Hill, Columbus, NCS333 S15
Alice Retha Cox
June 30, 192396Tabor City, Columbus, NC1April 28, 20071283Tabor City, Columbus, NCS333 S15
Andrew Jackson Cox
September 26, 1882137Horry, SC6October 3, 19308948Horry, SCS333 S15
Andrew Jackson Cox Jr
November 28, 192198Allsbrook, Horry, SC0April 26, 19388116Bayboro, Horry, SCS333 S91
Ann Cox
1694326New Castle, New Castle, DE1176225868Hockessin, New Castle, DES333
Annie Cox
Anna Cox
December 16, 1858
December 16, 1858
161Columbus, Muscogee, GA1January 28, 1922
January 28, 1922
9863Guide, Columbus, NC
Columbus, NC
S333 S333 S15
Annie Cox
Anna Cox
December 16, 1858
December 16, 1858
Columbus, Muscogee, GA1January 28, 1922
January 28, 1922
63Guide, Columbus, NC
Columbus, NC
S333 S333 S15
Mary Patience “Annie” Cox
Annie Patience Cox
January 9, 1866
January 9, 1866
154Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2November 3, 1925
November 3, 1925
9459Loris, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
S333 S15 S333
Augustus Phillip Cox
April 18, 1913106Loris, Horry, SC1June 11, 19833670Loris, Horry, SCS333 S15 S47
Barry Christian Cox
Belva Cox
January 10, 1901119Horry, SC1January 25, 19695168Horry, SCS333 S373
Benjamin Cox
February 18, 1723296London Grove, Chester, PA1181720393Randolph, NCS333
Benjamin Cox
1790230Pitt, NC3184617456Columbus, NCS333
Carole Cox
Charlie Marshall Cox
April 16, 1894125Tabor City, Columbus, NC1March 3, 19695074Conway, Horry, SCS333 S15
Cheyanne Mary Ann Cox
1820200Columbus, NC2September 15, 186015940Simpson Creek, Horry, SCS333 S47
Clarence Grant Cox
Clarence H Cox
February 23, 192891Loris, Horry, SC4November 18, 2013685Loris, Horry, SCS333 S15
Claudia Belle Cox
July 25, 1907112Horry, SC2April 5, 19883180Longs, Horry, SCS333 S15
Daniel D. Cox
December 27, 1854165Horry, SC2March 1, 19269371Horry, SCS333 S74
Daniel Dillon Cox
May 21, 1819
March 4, 1819
200Columbus, NC2August 17, 188913070Gainesville, Hall, GAS333 S201
Daniel Mardonia Lamar Cox
September 10, 1847172Columbus, NC1August 2, 189512447Horry, SCS333 S47
Daniel Pinckney Cox
January 6, 1858162Guide, Columbus, NC1December 5, 19269368Columbus, NCS333 S114 S15
David Cox
1780240Brunswick Co., NC2184517565Horry, SCS333
David Elton Cox
Dayton Paul Cox
October 27, 1913106Longs, Horry, SC4May 1, 20001986Longs, Horry, SCS333 S47 S15
Debbie Cox
Delilah Cox
November 30, 1817202NC1188513567Green Sea, Horry, SCS333 S37
Dillon Fletcher Cox
June 13, 1855
June 13, 1855
164Green Sea, Horry, SC
Green Sea, Horry, SC
2May 29, 1928
May 29, 1928
9172Horry, SC
Horry, SC
S333 S15
Dillon Fletcher Cox Jr
August 6, 1894125SC1June 14, 19774282Loris, Horry, SCS333 S91
Dora Jane “Janie” Cox
April 10, 1900119Columbus, NC1July 19, 19794079Loris, Horry, SCS333 S15
Dorcas Ellen Cox
October 10, 1868151Horry, SC1August 6, 191810149Horry, SCS333 S47
Doris Loraine Cox
August 8, 193089Loris, Horry, SC2September 16, 19952465Loris, Horry, SCS333 S37
Dula Brooks Cox
July 6, 1913106Loris, Horry, SC4February 17, 19586244Southport, Brunswick, NCS333 S57 S15
E. James “Jim” Cox
about 1868152NC1after 192010052Horry, SCS333
Elbert O Restus Cox
September 22, 1894125SC0June 12, 19843589Loris, Horry, SCS333 S91
Emily Callie Cox
February 3, 1903117Horry, SC7January 19, 19903086Loris, Horry, SCS333 S47
Emma Eliza Cox
September 23, 1872147Horry, SC1October 25, 19437671Simpson Creek, Horry, SCS333 S15
Florie Lou “Dessie” Cox
June 8, 1882137SC1October 20, 19427760Horry, SCS333 S47
Florine Cox
September 14, 192594Loris, Horry, SC1May 12, 19992073Tabor City, Columbus, NCS333 S15
Frances Melvina Cox
June 14, 1856163Horry, SC0July 21, 19209964Horry, SCS333 S91
Gail Cox
George Lonnie Cox
September 4, 1874145Horry, SC3September 9, 19566382Horry, SCS333 S47
George Samuel Cox
February 6, 1872148Conway, Horry, SC1January 21, 19398166Port Mayaca, Martin, FLS333 S15 S228
George Washington Cox
1906114Horry, SC119665460Loris, Horry, SCS333
Gwen Cox
Heath Allen Cox
Henry Grady “H.G.” Cox Jr
April 22, 192495Horry, SC2August 17, 2010986Loris, Horry, SCS333 S74 S15
Henry Grady Cox Sr.
August 26, 1894125Horry, SC3August 27, 19813887Loris, Horry, SCS333 S74
Henry Keith Cox
Hinyard Cox
about 1823197Columbus, NC1before September 185116828Horry, SCS333
Hosea Brooks Cox
June 2, 1917102Horry, SC1May 11, 2011893Loris, Horry, SCS333 S15
Hosea Ervin Cox
November 22, 1896123Horry, SC1January 19744677Lancaster, SCS333 S15
Isaac Leonard Cox
October 4, 1811208Columbus, NC3December 31, 189512484Columbus, NCS333 S15
James Alston Cox Sr
March 5, 1880139NC1June 24, 19546574Chadbourn, Columbus, NCS333 S15
James Elton Cox
May 30, 193188Loris, Horry, SC1September 20, 20061375Charleston, SCS333 S91
James Monroe Cox
July 4, 192792Loris, Horry, SC0February 28, 19982170Loris, Horry, SCS333 S15
James R. G. Cox
March 3, 1839180Horry, SC1August 14, 19249585Loris, Horry, SCS333 S91
James Ronald “Jimmy” Cox
February 16, 194971Loris, Horry, SC0June 25, 2015466Loris, Horry, SCS333
Jane Joan Cox
1586434Tiverton, Devon, England1December 10, 163938053Cambridge, Middlesex, MAS333 S15
Jerry Wayne Cox
February 8, 195466Loris, Horry, SC0July 28, 2019065Longs, Horry, SCS333
Jesse Cox
1787233Brunswick, NC1182419637Old Camp Swamp CemeteryS333
Jesse Samual Cox
May 29, 1817202Columbus, NC1March 18, 190711289Guide, Columbus, NCS333 S15
Jimmy Donald Cox
John Cox
1699321Drayton, Berkshire, England1175526556NCS333
John Cox
September 24, 1655364Drayton, Berkshire, England2171130955Kennett, Chester, PAS333 S15
John Cook Cox
December 22, 1756263Roan, NC4180421647Horry, SCS333
John Franklin Cox
October 30, 1865154Columbus, NC1October 30, 19328767Wilmington, New Hanover, NCS333 S91
John Jackson Cox
1781239Kingston Township, Craven, Horry, SC2after 185216871Columbus, NCS333
John Linford Cox
May 17, 193287Loris, Horry, SC0June 8, 2017285Loris, Horry, SCS333 S373
John Needham Cox
January 17, 1823197Horry, SC3January 14, 189712373Columbus, NCS333 S15 S47
John Quincy Cox
November 5, 1896123Horry, SC1October 8, 19863389Loris, Horry, SCS333 S91
John Samuel Cox Pvt
February 8, 1823197Horry, SC5December 28, 190211779Horry, SCS333 S47
Jordan Cox
1790230Horry, SC1185216862Horry, SCS333
Joseph Bunyon Cox
April 11, 1882137Horry, SC0December 22, 19526770Loris, Horry, SCS333 S15
Joseph Jackson Cox
June 27, 1881138Horry, SC1July 13, 19417860Horry, SCS333 S91
Joseph McKennith Cox
October 9, 1850169Horry, SC2February 8, 19368485Horry, SCS333 S15
Julius Washington Cox
September 14, 1849170SC1October 10, 19229773Conway, Horry, SCS333 S47 S15
Keziah Cox
about 1815205Columbus, NC2186115946Simpson Creek, Horry, SCS333
Leonard Jasper Cox
October 24, 1862157Columbus, NC1November 30, 19289166Horry, SCS333 S15
Linda Cox
Lisa Kay Cox
Lloyd Edward Cox
January 10, 192496Horry, SC0June 19, 20071283Mullins, Marion, SCS333 S91
Louisa M. Cox
October 1849170Columbus, NC1June 14, 191910069Horry, SCS333
Mack Norton Cox
April 30, 1889130Horry, SC2December 4, 19615872Horry, SCS333 S15
Marshall James Cox
November 16, 1849170Columbus, NC1June 10, 189312643Camp Swamp, Columbus, NCS333 S373
Martha Lezettie “Zettie” Cox
January 17, 1889131Horry, SC6December 8, 19853496Loris, Horry, SCS333 S47
Marvin B Cox
December 12, 194871Loris, Horry, SC1December 6, 19893040Lancaster, SCS333 S373
Mary Cox
December 11, 1900119Horry, SC3June 14, 19625761Mt Vernon, Loris, Horry, SCS333 S15
Mary Ann Cox
January 4, 1841179Horry, SC5June 7, 191210771Loris, Horry, SCS333 S15
Mary Ann Cox
November 25, 1856163Horry, SC4December 24, 19289172Horry, SCS333 S15
Mary Ann Marinda Cox
December 3, 1851168Columbus, NC1November 20, 189712245Columbus, NCS333
Mary Elizabeth Cox
March 17, 1859160Horry, SC1September 29, 19398080Loris, Horry, SCS333 S15
Mary Emmaline Cox
August 7, 1859160Columbus, NC1April 26, 19348574Dothan, Columbus, NCS333 S37
Mary “Mae” Frances Cox
April 24, 1885134Columbus, NC2November 13, 19546569Horry, SCS333 S15
Mary Frances Cox
October 2, 1886133Horry, SC1March 5, 19714884Loris, Horry, SCS333 S91
Mary Olive Cox
January 25, 1917103Horry, SC1March 19, 2010993Shallotte, Brunswick, SCS333 S326
Mary Patience “Annie” Cox
Annie Patience Cox
January 9, 1866
January 9, 1866
Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2November 3, 1925
November 3, 1925
59Loris, Horry, SC
Horry, SC
S333 S15 S333
Mayo Daniel Cox
December 9, 1893126Green Sea, Horry, SC1June 21, 19685174Loris, Horry, SCS333 S15
Mayon John “M.J.” Cox
Melvina “Mellie” M. Cox
February 1, 1861159SC10July 10, 190111840Horry, SCS333 S47
Myrtie Vivian Cox
January 28, 1919101Socastee, Horry, SC1December 30, 19952476Longs, Horry, SCS333 S373
Nancy Anna Cox
December 1826193Horry, SC5between 1900 and 191012073Horry, SCS333
Nancy Jane Cox
July 17, 1883136SC1December 9, 19685185Loris, Horry, SCS333 S91
Needham James Cox Jr
November 2, 1861158SC10March 10, 19378275Horry, SCS333 S74
Needham James Cox Sr
December 25, 1814205Horry, SC6December 4, 188013965Horry, SCS333
Nolie A. (Novalan) Cox
Nolie Ann Cox
March 5, 1880
March 5, 1880
Horry, SC
2June 24, 1970
June 24, 1970
4990Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
New Hanover, NC
S333 S47 S333
Nolie A. (Novalan) Cox
Nolie Ann Cox
March 5, 1880
March 5, 1880
Horry, SC
2June 24, 1970
June 24, 1970
90Wilmington, New Hanover, NC
New Hanover, NC
S333 S47 S333
O'Bryan Cox
September 12, 193188Loris, Horry, SC2October 7, 2012781Loris, Horry, SCS333 S15
Olen Levant Cox
November 14, 1884135Horry, SC2August 13, 19704985Shallotte, Brunswick, NCS333 S47
Otho Lee Cox
May 11, 1879140Guide, Columbus, NC1December 15, 19388159Loris, Horry, SCS333 S15
Ottis Ulate Cox
Otis Cox
September 29, 1898
about 1899
121Columbus, NC
1May 5, 19794080Tabor City, Columbus, NCS333 S91 S333
Ottis Ulate Cox
Otis Cox
September 29, 1898
about 1899
Columbus, NC
1May 5, 197980Tabor City, Columbus, NCS333 S91 S333
Palma Rebecca Cox
April 23, 1906113Horry, SC5May 14, 19813875Mount Vernon, Loris, SCS333 S47
Prudence Emily Cox
May 28, 1853166Horry, SC1October 16, 19259472Simpson Creek, Horry, SCS333 S74
Rodney Briggs Cox
October 26, 192990Horry, SC2February 1, 20091179North Augusta, Aiken, SCS333 S15
Roger B Cox
Roxie Ann Cox
October 22, 1889130Horry, SC0June 29, 19764386Daisy, Loris, Horry, SCS333 S37
Ruby Estelle Cox
October 2, 1904115Thomasville, Thomas, GA1February 22, 19625757Pahokee, Palm Beach, FLS333 S15
Rubye Mae Cox
October 5, 192099Conway, Horry, SC0September 26, 20021781Longs, Horry, SCS333 S15
Russell Cox
Ruth Emoline Cox
July 16, 1902
July 16, 1902
117Horry, SC
Horry, SC
2August 8, 1980
August 8, 1980
3978Columbus, NC
Loris, Horry, SC
S333 S15
Sarah Caldonia Cox
October 12, 1864155Horry, SC3January 19, 191610451Horry, SCS333 S74
Thomas Cox
August 27, 1641378Drayton, Berkshire, England1January 15, 171130969St Dunstan in The West, London, EnglandS333 S188
Thomas Cox
August 27, 1626393Chelthenham, London, England1January 15, 171130984St Dunstan in The West, London, EnglandS333 S188
Thomas Cox
about 1804216NC1S333
Thomas James “T.J.” Cox Jr
September 5, 192990Loris, Horry, SC1October 1, 19962367Tabor City, Columbus, NCS333 S91
Thomas James Cox Sr
June 18, 1886133Horry, SC1April 21, 19536666Horry, SCS333 S91
Thomas Pinkney Cox
September 21, 1859160Horry, SC5February 21, 19289168Horry, SCS333 S15
Thomas Pinkney Cox
March 17, 192297Loris, Horry, SC1September 7, 19823760High Point, Guilford, NCS333 S373
Tommy N Cox
Waylon Claudius Cox
November 21, 192198Loris, Horry, SC2January 16, 19804058Horry, SCS333 S91
William Claudia Cox
September 3, 1900119Horry, SC1March 21, 19704969Conway, Horry, SCS333 S15
William Derick “Willie D.” Cox
April 26, 1875144Horry, SC3September 14, 19338658Horry, SCS333 S47
William F Cox
about 1835185Horry District, SC2186315728Corinth, Adams, MississippiS333
William Franklin Cox
April 3, 1892127Horry, SC1February 9, 19516958Horry, SCS333 S37
William Kenneth Cox Sr
December 16, 195663Loris, Horry, SC2December 25, 20021746Florence, SCS333 S91
William Pinckney “Pink” Cox
January 9, 1862158SC1May 17, 19388176Horry, SCS333 S37
William Pinkney Cox
1832188Horry, SC2190012068Horry, SCS333
Willie Cox
July 29, 1912107Horry, SC1July 10, 19784165Loris, Horry, SCS333 S15